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Elvis and Me

As a kid, like everyone of my generation, I idolized Elvis. My first album was a collection of his gold records. I played it over and over again, memorizing the lyrics, and singing along with him in front of a large mirror that hung in our living room. Of course, I loved all his songs, but my favorite was That's When Your Heartaches Begin. I particularly liked the talking part and without too much prodding I'll perform it to this day. Below are the lyrics of my favorite Elvis song.

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That's When Your Heartaches Begin
Recorded by Elvis Presley 01/13/1957
(Words & Music: Hill/ Fisher/ Rasking)


If you find your sweetheart
in the arms of a friend,
That's when your heartaches begin.
When dreams of a lifetime
must come to an end,
That's when your heartaches begin.


Love is a thing
you never can share.
If you bring a friend
into your love affair,
That's the end of your sweetheart,
that's the end of your friend -
That's when your heartaches begin.

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